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Employee Payroll Forms

Select the appropriate form(s). Complete, save, print, sign, and give to your employer.

  1. Direct Deposit Enrollment - Checking or PayCard
  2. U.S. W-4   Federal Withholding
  3. U.S. I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification - Click here for Instructions
    (attach copy of Social Security card & driver's license to I-9)

  4. AZ A-4       Arizona Withholding 
  5. IA W-4       Iowa Withholding
  6. IL W-4       Illinois Withholding
  7. IN WH-4    Indiana Withholding 
  8. MO W-4    Missouri Withholding 
  9. MN W-4    Minnesota Withholding 
  10. WI WT-4   Wisconsin Withholding
  11. IL Reciprocity with IA, KY, MI, and WI
  12. WI Reciprocity with IL, IN, KY, and MI
  13. IA Reciprocity with IL
  14. IN Reciprocity with KY, MI, OH, PA, and WI
  15. KY Reciprocity with IL, IN, MI, OH, WV, WI, and VA